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Katrina Weidman

Dustin Pari

Deb DeRousse

Arjay Johnson

Daniel Klaes

Exie Smith

Tim Woolworth

Brian Danhausen

Joe Chin

Rebecca Smuk

Amberrose Hammond

Jody Higgins-Medium

Cindy Rogers-Medium

Jaime Chinnery

April North

Nora Custer

Bumps in the Night Paranormal 

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Katrina Weidman- 
Paranormal Lockdown
Paranormal State

I’ve always had a passion for the supernatural and a desire to seek out the unknown! Growing up in haunted houses will kind of do that to you. As a child, I pored over any information I could find on the paranormal. I was fascinated that there were other houses like mine and wanted to know as much as I could. Ghosts, UFOs, cryptos, you name it, I was fascinated!

I’m often asked, “How in the world did you become a paranormal investigator?” Honestly, I feel like it chose me.

I wasn’t always a great student. In fact, a third grade teacher told me that I would never amount to anything and that no one would ever hire me. Encouraging words for a young buck to hear, no? I barely graduated high school and had no real ambition to go to college. The words of that teacher stayed with me for years, and I started to believe them after awhile.

Fast forward a few years to a trip to The Pennsylvania State University that changed everything! I dropped a friend off at 

the main campus one summer weekend, and the minute my feet hit the pavement, I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to be there. Not being the academic type, I decided I had better pay attention to this feeling. The day I got back to my hometown, I signed up for classes at the local community college. It was there that I overcame the harsh words from that teacher long ago.

I transferred to Penn State, and during my studies, my passion for the paranormal grew even more. As luck would have it, there was a paranormal club on campus, the world-renown Paranormal Research Society (PRS). I trained with them and later worked as their case manager, interviewing thousands of eyewitnesses to the unknown. This led to the opportunity to co-host A&E’s hit docu-drama “Paranormal State” (2007-2011), which chronicled the work of PRS.

I then became the host for Chiller’s “Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies,” which explores the real life terror behind some of the world’s most iconic horror films. I also hosted the follow-up special, “Real Fear: The Truth Behind More Movies,” in 2013.

Currently, you can catch me on “Paranormal Lockdown” with my friend and colleague, Nick Groff, airing on TLC. “Paranormal Lockdown” follows Nick and me as we investigate and live in some of the world’s most haunted locations for 72 hours!

It’s funny to think that if I’d not taken my friend to Penn State on that August day, this journey may have never happened, and the paranormal in my life may have only existed in the books I read (and, you know, my house).

I graduated from Penn State with degrees in Integrative Arts and Theater with a minor in Music Technology. Take that, third grade teacher!

Throughout the year, I lecture at paranormal conferences and events where I discuss my experiences in the field. I’m also the co-founder of Atherton Paranormal, a group aimed at furthering the paranormal field and helping those affected by it.

In addition to my work in the paranormal, I’m a performer, a producer, and the lead singer of the band AwayFrom30.

In my free time, I love karaoke, cooking, reading about true crime, and watching reruns of The Golden Girls. (Seriously, I’m obsessed with that show to unhealthy levels and will probably try to convert you to being a fan too.) I also spend time volunteering as a crisis counselor, which I’ve been doing since 2008.

Dustin Pari-
SyFi's Ghost Hunters
Motivational speaker

Dustin Pari is a bit hard to define.

Born a simple boy to a truck driver and one of the last all-american housewives, Dustin grew up in Providence, Rhode Island without much pomp and circumstance. Most notably he ditched his bowl-cut for his trademark spiky hair sometime around 5th grade when he first became interested in the fairer sex.

After graduating from high school, he then bounced around the local state and community colleges before graduating with a degree in multimedia production. He worked for CBS and FOX news locally for many years before getting into healthcare.

Being on television as a paranormal investigator happened quite by accident, but there is something to be said for accidents being best described as when hard work meets opportunity.

Several seasons and years of his life later, Dustin had traveled the world like a “Paranormal Rockstar”, a moniker given to him during an interview, which was then used from that point forward since it symbolized much of who he was.

But we all grow. We all change. We must all move forward, or

we become stagnant and boring, and acquiesce to merely what is comfortable. So, for a while Dustin toyed with the idea of calling himself a three-headed dragon, as he is multifaceted and a bit 

magical. But dragons can be scary, and Dustin is kind, not scary. Plus, some breathe fire, and with the amount of hairspray used on a daily basis, open flames are a strict no-no. So after much consideration, or perhaps none at all, the “Steel Unicorn” was born.

Strong yet approachable. Mythical but as real as it gets. A creature seemingly in conflict with itself. A clear mental image that is almost impossible to comprehend. One thing that is easily understood, Dustin cares for and loves all that he comes in contact with, as one would assume a steel unicorn would.

Regardless of whatever you may call him, or he may call himself, Dustin may be best known as a paranormal researcher and lecturer due to his numerous appearances on such television programs as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, and Destination Truth. He has journeyed up and down the road time and time again appearing here, there, and everywhere. Though a well-respected and highly regarded staple of the paranormal event and lecture circuit, Dustin also delivers his entertaining and educational paranormal presentations to colleges and libraries across America.

Dustin has recently become a highly sought after motivational lecturer whose insightful and humorous anecdotes have inspired thousands of event attendees, and even more world wide. Determined to leave a legacy of kindness, Dustin goes forth with a helpful heart in an effort to change the world. Focusing on the commonalities he has found to be of particular interest in this, our human experience, Dustin is thankful that he has been fortunate to help many others as we all walk through this life together. Be it at middle schools, high schools, corporate meetings, or social gathering halls, Dustin delivers a positive message that is entertaining and life changing.

Though admittedly far from perfect, Dustin also delivers Christian based lectures at churches and online through his efforts with Patch Ministry. Always of love and never judgement, Dustin’s message may not always quote scripture, but it embraces the message of Christ, a message of kindness.

The author of numerous books, Dustin applies his knowledge and colorful personality to weave strange tales of the unknown, motivational tales of his own life, and random tales of his own mind. His mind is a bit of a mess, but it sure is a lot of fun!

Joe Chin-
Ghost Hunters / GH International

Born in RI, and I am 1 of 11 children. My family is in the restaurant business and grew up in the family business. Afterwards I went into computers where I worked for a large retail chain, that’s where it all began. While working there, I met Jason Hawes who started the franchise Ghost Hunters and the spin off Ghost Hunters International, which I was a part of both. Currently I belong to the Taps Home Team (Jason’s team) and RISEUP Paranormal, investigating private cases for clients who need our help with paranormal happenings.

While doing the two shows and traveling the world, I have gained popularity with a large fan base on Face book with over 5000 followers (which is the limit) having to make another Fan page with 5000 more followers. I also have a large Twitter fan base of 44,000 followers. I love meeting the fans and travel the country and sometimes over seas doing events. I am so fascinated with all aspects of the paranormal and cryptids, wanting to get answers for the field and myself. I am adventurous and love traveling the world in search for the answers and the truth behind it. In addition I am very interested in the technology and gadgets that help us in investigating the unknown.


Daniel Klaes-
Haunted Hinsdale House

Daniel Klaes has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal. Much of his curiosity stems from his experiences living in a haunted house. These encounters with unusual phenomena caused him to push the boundaries of his own belief system. In fact later Dan later purchased his family’s home and has grown comfortable with his unseen guests.

Klaes has co-founded the Greater Western New York Paranormal Society which has tackled some of the most challenging paranormal cases in the region. Dan is also a producer of Behind the Shadows which is a documentary series that can be viewed internationally on the Roku station Paranormal Reality TV. He is also a radio host (Phenomena Encountered) featured on, a sought after speaker, and author.

In June of 2015 Dan realized a lifelong dream. The infamous Hinsdale House, site of the infestation and structural exorcism became available for purchase. Wasting no time, he made an offer that was accepted and became the owner. Klaes immediately began renovations to stabilize the house, which continue to this day. Shortly afterwards he opened the location for paranormal research and has hosted local, national and international paranormal teams.


Recently Dan was contacted by producers from Discovery network and contracted the house to be featured on the hit TV series Paranormal Lockdown featuring Nick Groff and Katrina Wiedman. The Episode was the highest viewed episode of the series. Such was the phenomena that after Nick left both EVP and Geobox evidence called for his return to the house. Nick and Katrina later returned to film a Halloween special at the house that was featured on TLC.

Klaes has been featured on the show Paranormal Lockdown for both season one (Hinsdale House) and season two (Statler Hotel).

Dan with his wife Colleen and their 4 children are lifelong residents of Western New York. All share his interest in the unusual and sometimes spooky endeavors as they present themselves.

Check out Daniel's website at
and the Hinsdale House at

Visit the Para Expeditions site for public ghost hunts -


Brian Danhausen-
Medium, Artist, Author, radio host

Brian Danhausen is an artist, author, radio host and Paranormal Investigator. He lives in Michigan with his wife Darlene and he is the father of two children. Brian has been dealing with the paranormal for most of his life. He has also been an artist for all of his life as well. He is the owner of The Final Nail (art company), he is also the author of 2 books: Into The AfterLife : Paranormal World Into The AfterLife: A guide Into Paranormal Investigations. He also has contributions in the book Haunted Prisons and a short story in the book, Krampus, The UnHolly King. Brian has just released Strange Tales From The Unknown...which is a collection of short, fiction, horror stories...with a second volume in the works and he is currently working on the third book for the AfterLife 

series and a book about his teachings on his path in Witchcraft. Brian is also the Founder of the paranormal team...Into The AfterLife Paranormal, which he has been running with my wife for several years.
 He is also a medium. He has had several encounters with the dead that he has written about and has sketched most of them in his books. Brian is also the Host and creator of a podcast called The Paranormal POP...where they mix the paranormal and pop culture topics. Brian has done several lectures on the paranormal...including conventions, libraries, events at haunted locations and schools.

Tim Woolworth-

ITC Voices, Ghost Box Specialist

As one of the world’s foremost ghost box specialists, Tim Woolworth has been featured using his ghost boxes on NPR, the Detroit NBC News, numerous radio broadcasts and the television shows CNY Spirits, Spotlight and NBC’s 1st Look. In addition to media appearances, Tim actively gives public ghost box talks and sessions to educate people on a regular basis. Tim writes about all things ghost box on his ITC Voices website where has authored most of the theory on how ghost boxes work. He has also orchestrated international ghost box experiments to further our understanding of what ITC can accomplish.

Click on logo below to visit Tim's ITC Voices website-


Deb DeRousse and  Arjay Johnson-
Authors, Researchers, Healers, Mediums, Numerologists, Talk Show Hosts


Deb DeRousse & Arjay are the Authors of “Defeating The Archons, A Twin Soul Mission” Both are paranormal researchers, Healers, Spiritual Teachers, Radio Talk Show Hosts on Mystical Awakenings Network, Medium and Numerologist

Together they run Mystical Awakenings book and more in Prudenville, MI., and are Twin Souls.

Deb DeRousse is an author, experienced and professional Spiritual Medium, Paranormal Researcher, Ordained Minister, Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach, Radio Personality, Public Speaker. Deb is the Co-Founder of Paranormal Relief Team, Founder of Mystical Awakenings Radio Network and is the host 

Mystical Awakenings Radio and Our Guiding Light Radio. Deb has been working in the Spiritual/Metaphysical field, as well as the Paranormal field for close to 30 years and has been traveling for the last 15 years doing Readings, healings, public speaking, and being the voice of the voiceless.

Deb works with children with psychic/mediumship abilities and also uses her life skills and abilities to work with the missing. She is very passionate about helping the missing, the hungry, the abused, the lonely, the lost, and animal rescue. She also works with grief support and transitional support for those crossing over. Together, Deb and Arjay teach Meditation, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Awakening, Psychic/Mediumship Development, paranormal investigation, and the ethics of working in the paranormal field.

Richard (Arjay) Johnson is a graduate of University of Michigan, Numerologist, Spiritual Counselor, Ordained Minister, Clairvoyant, Radio Personality, Author, Public Lecturer, Paranormal Researcher, and Reiki Master. Arjay has been studying the paranormal/metaphysical sciences since he was fifteen years old. His brother, Michael Kassett taught hi numerology at an early age. He is a dedicated Light Worker, continually searching for the truth, as well as helping others find it. He works out of Mystical Awakenings in Prudenville, Michigan along with his wife, spiritual partner, and twin soul. Together they teach many classes, run a meditation group, poetry circle, conduct house cleansing, and work with the missing. Arjay is dedicated to spread love and truth. Arjay is also very passionate about helping those who are awakening and finding their spiritual path.

Twin Souls are coming together at the speed of love now to assist in a world awakening. They have been shown that their main mission is to spread the word that we are not alone in this Universe or on this planet. Both Deb and Arjay have been abducted and shown that while some beings are very loving and kind, some are not. Their passion is to spread pure divine love and eliminate fears by telling everyone what they know is true and what we can all do to stop hatred, violence, greed, and control of our race with love and collective consciousness.

In April 2017 Deb and Arjay released their first book, Defeating the Anchons, A Twin Soul Mission.

Rebecca Smuk-
The Motor City Medium

Internationally renowned and respected spiritual, empathic medium. She does readings to help those that need closure to connect with loved ones on the other side. Also specializing in violent or highly volatile hauntings and helping others cleanse their homes.

Rebecca is the only medium to use the Ouija board as a conduit during one in one readings with clients or group seances.


Exie Susanne Smith

Author, Spiritual Medium, Paranormal Investigator

Exie Susanne is a Spiritual Medium, Energy Reader, Paranormal Investigator, Author, Radio Show Host, and Speaker. Her daily life has spirits and ghosts coming to call on her no matter where she happens to be. When she was 12 years old her life changed, forever, in one night. “I knew I was going to have to grow up keeping a secret.” The secret, the fact that she could hear and see things that other people could not. “I never went in search of the dead, but it seems the dead has come in search of me.” Exie is a natural born medium as well. “I have always known things that I should not know, that I have no way of knowing.” Her abilities grow stronger with each passing day. “This a large part of my life path. To help people connect, close doors and heal broken hearts.” In her first book, Welcome To My Para”Normal” Life, she talks about the growth of her gift combined with the otherworldly events. “I thought I was crazy at times!” Now it is “Normal.” In her second book, “When The Dead Come Calling,” she goes into detail as never before about ghosts, spirits, shadow people, orbs and vortices, as well as learning to take ownership of her 

gift. In her third book, “The Essence Of Death,” Exie talks about being a Medium and how that helps and or hinders her while on a ghost investigation. The book also continues to talk about how she helps people get their lives back together. While she continues to learn and grow. Join her on the journey of a lifetime, buckle up, she guarantees it will be an exhilarating ride!


Amberrose Hammond-
Author, Michigan's Otherside

Amberrose Hammond has been interested in the strange and unusual since she was little, reading and watching any and everything that had to do with ghosts, mysteries, legends and all things out of the ordinary. She has actively researched legends, ghost stories, haunted places, old true crime and other unusual and macabre topics in Michigan since 2000. She earned a B.A. in English from Grand Valley State University in 2005 and in 2006, her pursuits into the paranormal led her to develop Michigan’s Otherside, a website exploring the mysterious Great Lakes State, past and present.

She is a huge local history enthusiast and is a member of the Dusty Dozen’s, a private group of local history aficionados and geeks in West Michigan and has lectured extensively on her research. She is the author of Ghosts & Legends of Michigan’s West Coast, Wicked Ottawa County and Wicked Grand Rapids with more in the works. She spends her days surrounded by old, broken books that she fixes for a library somewhere along Michigan’s Gold Coast. Her love of old cemeteries is probably a little excessive but no one seems to mind.

Learn more at & 


John Cassidy-

Medium / Investigator

Co-founder of Bumps in the Night Paranormal Research
and Little Traverse Bay Parafest

Growing up John would often see things or hear things he didn't understand and would pass it off as imagination. It wasn't until the late 90's when he really started thinking about it after his first "read" of a friend. It was much different than anything he has experienced before. This is when he began to research ghosts and spirit. He learned from his mother that John's Grandmother was very spiritual and was a Medium and Psychic. Over the years he was able to begin to tune his ability and learned he could provide help for people and give them messages from the other side. John has also helped many with his Empathic abilities by being able to feel the emotions and feelings they feel and helped them move past situations that hold them back in life.

 After seeing the new TV shows about ghost hunting which really peaked his interest in the paranormal. John and his wife Jackie, began to investigate buildings, businesses and cemeteries and then residences. Joined by their friend Teri Mantei they went on to form Bumps in the Night Paranormal Research. Over the years they have investigated many locations across the country from Vermont to New Mexico . Two of his favorites being Villisca Axe Murder House and Poasttown Elementary School in Middletown Ohio. They have also investigated many homes and were able to help many.

In 2013 they were asked by the Terrace Inn in Bay View to offer a haunted weekend. Being fortunate enough to have met and become friends with many big names in the field, they invited a few and Little Traverse Bay Parafest was formed. Little did he know that this would be life changing. He met many people who were able to help him understand his ability and help in what was previously a struggle. Two Mediums who were very beneficial in this were Scotty Rorek and Cassidy Rae. John uses his ability any chance he can to help others in their struggles and try to teach the lessons he has learned along the way.

John still resides in his home town of Petoskey Michigan where he works in Emergency Medicine and co-runs  Bumps in the Night Paranormal Research with his wife Jackie.

As well as Co-hosting Mystical Awakenings Radio with Deb DeRousse, John has been the featured guest and had multiple appearances on many shows including:


Fox Cities Paranormal with Tim Maile

Dead Air Paranormal with George Lopez and Mike Boler

Historical Haunts Radio Show with Stephen Guenther and Tanya Vandesteeg,   TMV Cafe

Into the Light with Michelle Herald and Howie Ordell on URN Network

Inspirational Talent Radio with Shawn Stowe

The Chris and Wayne Show with Chris Forsythe and Wayne Miracle

Sit, Chat and Laugh with The Lynch's with Jay and Teresa

True Paranormal w/ Deb DeRousse and Jonathan Lento

Through the Eyes of a Seer with Rick Waid

Terror-Fi Radio with Tasha, Melissa and Michelle

Mountain Gypsies with Cathy Young and Tess Hughes

Mystical Awakenings Radio with Deb DeRousse and Debbie Marcum

Paranormal Ex, The Ex Files with Myst and Daniel

Mystical Mediums with Deb and Debbie

What the Hell Was That with Carlee and Deb

Our Guiding Light - MARN

Behind the Open Door with Maggie Renea and Vicki Johns

Sacred Journeys with Beth and Barry Gilmer

80's gasm with Jenn Mitchell

and Going Beyond Radio with Chuck manning and Don Ford.

He has also been featured in publications including:


Dark Matters News online magazine with Kelly Smith

Michigan Paranormal Magazine

Grimstone Gazette

Northern Express weekly

The Graphic

Weekly Choice Publication

Petoskey News Review

and many local news papers

And an appearance on TLC's American Choppers


Jackie Cassidy -

Investigator, Researcher

Co-founder -

Bumps in the Night Paranormal Research.

and Little Travesre Bay Parafest

Jackie was born and raised in Norther Michigan. She started researching the paranormal after her husband John had an experience that took them both by surprise. With the rest of the Bumps in the Night Paranormal team Jackie has worked many cases and investigated all over the country. She loves helping clients find answers to their paranormal problems.  
Jackie has been featured in many publications

Dark Matters News online magazine with Kelly Smith

Michigan Paranormal Magazine

Grimstone Gazette

Northern Express weekly

The Graphic

Weekly Choice Publication

Petoskey News Review

and many local news papers

And an appearance on TLC's American Choppers


Stacey Fettig-


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Teri Manthei-


Teri was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Teri moved to Michigan with her family. In 2001 she began working as an EMT. While at the EMS company Teri met John and Jackie Cassidy who had just recently formed Bumps In The Night Paranormal Research Group. Teri had a strong interest in the paranormal field so she joined the group. She has been on many paranormal investigations with Bumps In The Night and is looking forward to investigating more of the reportedly haunted locations throughout Michigan and its surrounding states.


Brooke Reeves-

Brooke is a life long Northern Michigan resident. She is the newest member of the group but has already shown great potential as a great investigator and researcher. 


We also have some great

Vendors, Mediums, Authors Radio Hosts

and more joining us. Stop by and see them.

Here are just a few:

Kim Dotson-
Psychic Medium, Intuitive,
Reiki Master

Kim is Psychic Medium, Intuitive, Reiki Master and Educator located out of mid Michigan.
Kim owns and operates A New You Holistic Wellness Center and also is a coordinator of the Mid Michigan Paranormal Convention in Flint Michigan, September 30th. 
(Click on photo for info)


Becky Black-

Owner/Founder of Earthy Elements-

 Becky recently moved to Northern Michigan, pursuing her spiritual path and creative passions. Her paranormal interest began at a very early age and continue as she grew. After attending a para-con and becoming friends with like minded people in the community, she is looking forward to exploring many aspects of the paranormal field and currently working on discovering her abilities.

She choose working with Petoskey stones for their mystical properties and natural beauty.


Becky choose working with Petoskey stones for their mystical properties and natural beauty.

Jody Higgins

Medium, Clairvoyant, Empath

My name is Jody and I am a Psychic Medium. I have had many experiences, dreamed about events that have then happened and known/felt things my entire life.

I use my gifts to help others to feel connected to God and spirit and I am able to pick up information for you regarding your job, career, health, travel and love life – any situation that you need.

There are several ways that I get information:

• I hear/know information

• I see images

• I feel physical symptoms and pain

• I get examples of other people, things and situations to share to explain the information I get

I do not need to be with you in person to read you – all of my readings are by phone or email. I also do not need tarot cards, a pendulum, crystals or crystal ball, runes or any other divining device to read for you. I simply get my information from God and my spirit guides.

When I read for someone they get what they need to hear as well as the information that they ask for. I will always ask first if you want to know the truth about any situation and I will not hide anything or not tell you something. I don’t feel it’s fair to be dishonest or hide the truth if you honestly want to know something and I have been given the information (there are times when I won’t always be given the answer…especially if it’s something that you aren’t supposed to know). But I will always tell you the truth.

I hope that this helps you to know a little about me and to understand my gifts.

Vsit Jody's website at


Jaime Chinnery-
Bigfoot Enthusiast
Bigfoot Artist

My exposer to the 'Paranormal' started at an early age and through the years I've had my fair share of experiences with the unexplained. Having Aunts that were Mediums would open a world that I never thought I'd be deeply involved in later in life. To date, I am learning more about the Healing Energy of Crystals and Colors and understanding what it means to be a Sensitive/Empath and a Healer, also, how to interpret dreams. If in doing so, I can help others as they Traverse though life......then it's icing on the cake!

It was an article entitled 'The Minnesota Iceman' in Argosy Magazine that introduced me to the world of the 'Crypto Creatures' in the seventh grade. The subject drew me in so strongly that it became an obsession! I soaked up anything having to do with it. My love for the woods, now hold a deeper fascination. I'm still 'On the Fence' as to what the 'Man-Ape' is and their origins, but I totally believe they exist! Evidence gathered by investigators active in the field and 'Armchair' researching, points to 'Sasquatch' being alive and well in the wilds of North America!

As a self-taught Artist, I hoped to capture the expressiveness and 'Realism' within my work. My direction of style came from my admiration and respect for Norman Rockwell, (he had a way of capturing the 'Moment'). Over the years of painting, drawning, and sculpting an array of subjects......pets and children have always been my I can include 'Sasquatch' as well!

Thank you for letting me share!!


April North
April's Realm

Reiki Master / Jeweler

My interest with crafting started at a young age, first with drawing, then collecting crystals. I also learned how to crochet. In my teenage years I fell in love with jewelry, it started with earrings and bracelets. In high school I began to grow an interest in making my own jewelry, so I started with earrings, then onto bracelets and necklaces. After high school my hobby grew and I did small craft fairs.  I started college and after graduation I began to work full time. I also got married and started a family, which left little time for crafts and fairs.

After many years as homemaker and Mom, I've rekindled my love for handmade crafts, crystals, and crocheting.  I have also learned the Art of Wire Wrapped Jewelry and incorporate crystals and polymer clay into my wire wrapped creations. All of which has inspired me to open a small business on Etsy called April's Realm. I'm thrilled to work again with my love of crafting and the art of creating. 
My interest with crystals and the paranormal go way back, growing up, the 'Paranormal' always felt normal with me. With a long history of mediums in the family, there were stories of ghost experiences, along with UFO stories.....our family gatherings were never boring.  I have since been drawn to Reiki healing and have learned to become a Reiki master.  This allowed me to be a Reiki Crystal Healing Practitioner. Recently, my interest in the cryptozoology field, such as Bigfoot and Dogman has grown.....Which has inspired me to create a new line of bigfoot jewelry!


Cindy Rogers-
Psychic / Medium

Cindy offers Hungarian Gypsy cards readings as well as palmistry and mediumship to give you a closer glimpse in your future, which is only in the palm of your hands.

Annie Russell-
Persephone's Folly

Annie is a wife, mother, chef and artist. In her free time she makes Voodoo Dolls and conducts Psychic Readings at her dining room table. She lives in the Northern MidWest with her husband, dogs and cats and is a frequent visitor to New Orleans.

Visit her website at

Visit her Amazon page at


New Orleans Voodoo-

Our New Orleans Style Voodoo products feature ritual items devoted to the Llwa
Erzulie Freda, LaSiren, Baron Samedi, ManMan Bridgette and The Ghede as well asOgoun and Papa Legba. Marie Laveau and Dr John will be represented as well.

The Llwa are powerful Spirits who are available to help with such matters as
Love, Wealth, Family, Justice, Protection, and Peace.
For detailed information on how to work with these Spirits please see our articles located on the website.

Persephone's Folly's New Orleans Voodoo products are NOT French Quarter tourist baubles. Each intricate item is crafted by our knowledgeable and dedicated Sacred Artists using the finestfabrics, fetishes and feathers for a potent and visually pleasing addition to your altar.
Our New Orleans Voodoo Dolls are made by hand with only the most beautiful
​fabrics and fetishes. Hand-carved and painted faces, high end designer textiles, beautiful fetishes and charms as well gorgeous feathers adorn each and every doll. Hand gathered Spanish Moss from the utterly magical Bayou St John in New Orleans is used as stuffing. These dolls are exquisite and are  exclusively our creation.