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John Cassidy -

Medium, Paranormal Investigator

Co-founder of Bumps in the Night Paranormal Research

Co-founder of Little Traverse Bay Parafest

Growing up John would often see things or hear things he didn't understand and would pass it off as imagination. It wasn't until the late 90's when he really started thinking about it after his first "read" of a friend. It was much different than anything he has experienced before. This is when he began to research ghosts and spirit. He learned from his mother that John's Grandmother was very spiritual and was a Medium and Psychic.

Over the years he was able to begin to tune his ability and learned he could provide help for people and give them messages from the other side. John has also helped many with his Empathic abilities by being able to feel the emotions and feelings they feel and helped them move past situations that hold them back in life.

After seeing the new TV shows about ghost hunting which really peaked his interest in the paranormal. John and his wife Jackie, began to investigate buildings, businesses and cemeteries and then residences. Joined by their friend Teri Mantei they went on to form Bumps in the Night Paranormal Research. Over the years they have investigated many locations across the country from Vermont to New Mexico . Some of his favorites being Villisca Axe Murder House, Eloise Asylum and Poasttown Elementary School in Middletown Ohio. They have also investigated many homes and were able to help many.

In 2013 they were asked by the Terrace Inn in Bay View to offer a haunted weekend. Being fortunate enough to have met and become friends with many names in the field, they invited a few and Little Traverse Bay Parafest was formed. Little did he know that this would be life changing. He met many people who were able to help him understand his ability and help in what was previously a struggle. Two Mediums who were very beneficial in this were Scotty Rorek and Cassidy Rae. John uses his ability any chance he can to help others in their struggles and try to teach the lessons he has learned along the way.

John still resides in his home town of Petoskey Michigan where he works in Emergency Medicine and runs Bumps in the Night Paranormal Research with his wife Jackie.

As well as Co-hosting Mystical Awakenings Radio with Deb DeRousse, John has been the featured guest and had multiple appearances on many shows including:

Infinite Spirit Radio w/The Roanes

Fox Cities Paranormal with Tim Maile

Dead Air Paranormal with George Lopez and Mike Boler

Historical Haunts Radio Show with Stephen Guenther and Tanya Vandesteeg, TMV Cafe

Into the Light with Michelle Herald and Howie Ordell on URN Network

Inspirational Talent Radio with Shawn Stowe

The Chris and Wayne Show with Chris Forsythe and Wayne Miracle

Sit, Chat and Laugh with The Lynch's with Jay and Teresa

True Paranormal w/ Deb DeRousse and Jonathan Lento

Through the Eyes of a Seer with Rick Waid

Terror-Fi Radio with Tasha, Melissa and Michelle

Mountain Gypsies with Cathy Young and Tess Hughes

Mystical Awakenings Radio with Deb DeRousse and Debbie Marcum

Paranormal Ex, The Ex Files with Myst and Daniel

Mystical Mediums with Deb and Debbie

Our Guiding Light - MARN

What the Hell Was That with Carlee and Deb

Behind the Open Door with Maggie renea and Vicki Johns

Sacred Journeys with Beth and Barry Gilmer

80's gasm with Jenn Mitchell

Messages from Above with Rick Waid

and Going Beyond Radio with Chuck manning and Don Ford.

He has also been featured in publications including:

The Four on NBC 7&4

Dark Matters News online magazine with Kelly Smith

Michigan Paranormal Magazine

Grimstone Gazette

Northern Express weekly

The Graphic/Petoskey Mi.

Weekly Choice Publication

Petoskey News Review

and many local news papers

And an appearance on TLC's American Choppers