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Dustin Pari

SyFy's Ghost Hunters
Motivational Speaker

Dustin Pari is a bit hard to define.

Born a simple boy to a truck driver and one of the last all-american housewives, Dustin grew up in Providence, Rhode Island without much pomp and circumstance. Most notably he ditched his bowl-cut for his trademark spiky hair sometime around 5th grade when he first became interested in the fairer sex.

After graduating from high school, he then bounced around the local state and community colleges before graduating with a degree in multimedia production. He worked for CBS and FOX news locally for many years before getting into healthcare.

Being on television as a paranormal investigator happened quite by accident, but there is something to be said for accidents being best described as when hard work meets opportunity.

Several seasons and years of his life later, Dustin had traveled the world like a “Paranormal Rockstar”, a moniker given to him during an interview, which was then used from that point forward since it symbolized much of who he was.

But we all grow. We all change. We must all move forward, or

we become stagnant and boring, and acquiesce to merely what is comfortable. So, for a while Dustin toyed with the idea of calling himself a three-headed dragon, as he is multifaceted and a bit 

magical. But dragons can be scary, and Dustin is kind, not scary. Plus, some breathe fire, and with the amount of hairspray used on a daily basis, open flames are a strict no-no. So after much consideration, or perhaps none at all, the “Steel Unicorn” was born.

Strong yet approachable. Mythical but as real as it gets. A creature seemingly in conflict with itself. A clear mental image that is almost impossible to comprehend. One thing that is easily understood, Dustin cares for and loves all that he comes in contact with, as one would assume a steel unicorn would.

Regardless of whatever you may call him, or he may call himself, Dustin may be best known as a paranormal researcher and lecturer due to his numerous appearances on such television programs as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, and Destination Truth. He has journeyed up and down the road time and time again appearing here, there, and everywhere. Though a well-respected and highly regarded staple of the paranormal event and lecture circuit, Dustin also delivers his entertaining and educational paranormal presentations to colleges and libraries across America.

Dustin has recently become a highly sought after motivational lecturer whose insightful and humorous anecdotes have inspired thousands of event attendees, and even more world wide. Determined to leave a legacy of kindness, Dustin goes forth with a helpful heart in an effort to change the world. Focusing on the commonalities he has found to be of particular interest in this, our human experience, Dustin is thankful that he has been fortunate to help many others as we all walk through this life together. Be it at middle schools, high schools, corporate meetings, or social gathering halls, Dustin delivers a positive message that is entertaining and life changing.

Though admittedly far from perfect, Dustin also delivers Christian based lectures at churches and online through his efforts with Patch Ministry. Always of love and never judgement, Dustin’s message may not always quote scripture, but it embraces the message of Christ, a message of kindness.

The author of numerous books, Dustin applies his knowledge and colorful personality to weave strange tales of the unknown, motivational tales of his own life, and random tales of his own mind. His mind is a bit of a mess, but it sure is a lot of fun!

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