Little Traverse Bay


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Tim Maile

Investigator, Radio Host, Pawtographs for Pooches

In January 2008 I helped found Fox Cities Paranormal Team and cannot believe how far we have come as a group. This journey all started when I bought a home in Oshkosh back in Octo ber 2006. Within weeks I was experiencing footsteps, voices, and shadows. Having never dealt with the paranormal it had me concerned. I came across some paranormal television shows and tried to contact teams in my area. I couldn't get a return email and decided to educate myself on the subject. Over a year later, more comfortable with the paranormal I decided that I would try to help others who were having the same issues that I had. In the last 11 years, some amazing things have happened and I have had the good fortune to meet many great people in this field. It was an invite to the 2009 Ohio Paranormal Convention that provided me with the confidence that we as a team were doing a good thing. I listened and learned from some of the most respected people in the field that weekend and came home with a sense of purpose. Through that one weekend so many  

doors opened up for the team and I. I have spoken at many conferences around the country and into Canada. I have led my team on more than 200 residential investigations to date.Along the way I have met some incredible people and made some great friends. I have been consulted by teams that are just starting up. It is an honor to help young teams get better and learn some new techniques. I feel that we are all in this field together and we all reflect on one another, so helping younger teams is necessary to advance the field. Most importantly, we have had the privilege to help dozens of families throughout Wisconsin. It is my hope that we as a group can help people deal with their paranormal experiences. I hope we can further the field of paranormal studies and help bring answers to the people who really need them.

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