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Tim Shaw

Psychic Medium, Author, Paranomal Investigator, TV Personality

Tim Shaw has been a life long researcher in the fields of the Paranormal and Metaphysical. Growing up in Western New York State and having relatives in the Lily Dale Spiritualist Assembly ~ A Spiritualist Community ~ it was only natural for him to develop an interest in these mystical fields. Having been brought up Roman Catholic and Spiritualist gave Tim great insights into the miraculous as well as the phenomena of the worlds around us.

As a Medium Tim has taken training through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, The Omega Institute, The Priesthood of Melchizadek, as well as under the tutorage of many influential instructors.

Tim is also a successful author, lecturer, media personality, and photographer. He has penned: "Ghosts of Buffalo, Mysteries, Murder, and Mayhem in the Nickel City," "The Dogma of...ME," "The C2D1 Haunting,"and "Rev. Zombie's Book of Divination." He has co-written "Haunted Rochester," and has contributed to Marla Brooks "Animal Spells and Magick," and Dark Moon Press 's titles Lost Whispers, A Collective Allegory of Haunted America," and photographs to "Haunted Prisons," and "Haunted Asylums."

Tim has been sought out to consult and appear in movies and television. His credits include: Discovery Channel's "Ghost Lab," SyFy's "Ghost Hunters,' Spike's "Ghost Ops," and Destination America's "Paranormal Lockdown,". On The Travel Channel's "America's Most Terrifying Places"" Tim talked about his experiences at the Haunted Hinsdale House. He has also appeared in Core Productions "John Zaffis, The World Within," Deftone Pictures "Ombis," "To Catch A Soul," "A Grim Becoming," Paranormal Western New York, WKBW's The NOW, and the documentary "The March Creek Tramp."

As a radio and podcast host Tim has produced and participated in many projects such as CBS' "The Psychic's Next Door," the Internet hit "Black Cat Lounge," and with Good Friend Eric Charles on the web series "CURIOSITY" and it's podcast associated show "CURIOSITY RADIO."

Recently Tim has been volunteering his skills behind the camera at Lockport Community TV and has begun taping episodes of "Within These Walls" for The Haunted.Space network.

Tim's other interests include Urban Exploration, Exploring Urban Legends, Cryptozoology, Collecting Haunted and Unusual Objects, Backwoods Trekking, Photography, Flintknapping (Stone Tool Making), Recreating Historic Leatherwork, Metal Detecting, Paranormal Investigating, Historical Re-enacting (Grand Army of the Republic, Civil War, French & Indian War), and Cooking.

In 2017 Tim retired after 34 1/2 years with the Town of Cheektowaga Highway Department and lives there with his wife Nancy and chocolate lab Winifred. To him there is no such thing as retirement...It's just another day to have another adventure.

Visit Tim's site at: